John Ferguson's An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mysticism: and the Mystery PDF

By John Ferguson

ISBN-10: 0500011400

ISBN-13: 9780500011409

Starting from Christian mystical theology to Sufism, from the traditional philosophers to the Cambridge Platonists, from visionaries similar to William Blake and the writer of The Cloud of Unknowing to the position performed through medicinal drugs, yoga, tune and the dance, this Encyclopaedia presents crucial details at the manifold points of mysticism and may function a complete and priceless paintings of reference for a few years to return. contains 2 hundred illustrations.

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The emptying out process can be very painful, but it is very necessary for when you have been emptied of the old, you may experience that feeling of barrenness, of having nothing to hold on to, of being alone and bereft of everything. You may even feel that I have forsaken you, that life is completely dead and empty with no meaning to it, and you want to throw up your hands in despair and run away from everything. Try to realise that if you are going through a time like this it is this process of being emptied of the old so that you can be refilled with the new.

How blessed you are who know love and who are loved. Love is the key that opens all doors. Love breaks down all barriers. Is it any wonder I keep telling you to open your hearts and love one another. Only when you have learned to love one another can you hope to go out into the world and help those in desperate need. Compassion towards your fellows is not enough; there must be love, love, and more love. For where there is love, there am I for I am love; and you are consciously aware of Me and of My presence.

Then I saw them poured into a huge tumbler machine and there they were left to tumble for a long time having all their rough edges smoothed until f inally they emerged comp letely transformed into shining and smooth pebbles of real beauty. ’ Change Behold, this day I make all things new. Leave yesterday behind and move swiftly into this wonderful new day, knowing that it holds within it only the very best for each one of you, and expect only the very best to come out of it. See My wondrous promises come about one by one; see My hand in all that is taking place; behold the birth of the new heaven and new earth.

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