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By Mara L. Pratt

ISBN-10: 1599152037

ISBN-13: 9781599152035

Stories of innovative instances, together with the explanations of the yankee Revolution, the bold exploits of these protecting liberty, the early battles, the struggles of the military, and the heroes who led the colonists to victory. appropriate for a while eight and up.

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They have grown up by your very neglect of them! Protected by you! " And good William Pitt of England! He arose and made a speech which, by and by, every boy and girl should learn. He said, "We are told that the Americans are obstinate; that they are in almost open rebellion against us. I rejoice that America has resisted. " Hurrah for William Pitt and Colonel Barre! Don't forget, all you little American men and women, that we had good friends in England then as we have now. There were lovers of liberty in that country, who were as eager as we were to resist all unjust laws.

The Boston people declared they wouldn't buy one sheet of it; they would buy nothing, sell nothing; the young men and maidens would not get married; they would do nothing, indeed, which should compel them to use this stamped paper. To show their contempt for the whole matter, they made a straw figure of the English officer who had the paper to sell, dressed it in some old clothes of his, and hung it on a big tree on Boston Common. " Then they drew up the coffin and carried it through the streets again; crying, "Liberty's alive again!

Blood was streaming upon the snow; and that purple stain, in the midst of King Street, though it melted away in the next day's sun, was never forgotten nor forgiven by the people. At once the bells were rung, and the citizens, rushing out to learn the cause, hastened to the fight. The people in the country around, hearing the bells, hurried in with their muskets to help the town. At last the soldiers, seeing that the whole country around was aroused and rushing to the rescue, took to flight. TABLET ON THE CRISPUS ATTUCKS MONUMENT, BOSTON The Boston Tea Party HOUSE IN DANVERS WHERE "THE BOSTON TEA PARTY" PLOT IS SAID TO HAVE BEEN TALKED OVER THIS Boston tea-party was a very different sort of a party from the quiet little tea-parties to which your mammas like to go.

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