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By Mark Dugopolski

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Algebra for college kids, 5e is a part of the newest choices within the winning Dugopolski sequence in arithmetic. The author’s objective is to provide an explanation for mathematical innovations to scholars in a language they could comprehend. during this publication, scholars and school will locate brief, specified factors of phrases and ideas written in comprehensible language. the writer makes use of concrete analogies to narrate math to daily reviews. for instance, while the writer introduces the Commutative estate of Addition, he makes use of a concrete analogy that “the fee of a hamburger plus a Coke is equal to a Coke plus a hamburger”. Given the significance of examples inside of a math booklet, the writer has paid shut cognizance to an important info for fixing the given subject. Dugopolski contains a double cross-referencing procedure among the examples and workout units, so regardless of which one the scholars begin with, they'll see the relationship to the opposite. ultimately, the writer unearths it vital not to simply supply caliber, but in addition a great volume of routines and purposes. The Dugopolski sequence is understood for delivering scholars and school with the main volume and caliber of routines in comparison to the other developmental math sequence out there. In finishing this revision, Dugopolski feels he has built the clearest and so much concise developmental math sequence out there, and he has performed so with no comprising the basic details each scholar must develop into winning in destiny arithmetic classes.

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Explain your answer. See Example 5. A ϭ ͕1, 3, 5, 7, 9} B ϭ {2, 4, 6, 8} C ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, 4, 5͖ N ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, . ͖ 39. 41. 43. 45. 47. 49. AʕN ͕2, 3͖ ʕ C B C лʕB Aʕл AʝBʕC 40. 42. 44. 46. 48. 50. BʕN CʕA C A лʕC Bʕл B ʝ C ʕ ͕2, 4, 6, 8͖ U5V Combining Three or More Sets Using the sets D, E, and F, list the elements in each set. If the set is empty write л. See Example 6. D ϭ ͕3, 5, 7} E ϭ {2, 4, 6, 8} F ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, 4, 5͖ 51. D ʜ E 52. D ʝ E List the elements in each set. 65. ͕x Ϳ x is an even natural number less than 20͖ 66.

6. Which set is a subset of every set? U1V Set Notation 3. What is a Venn diagram used for? 4. What is the difference between the intersection and the union of two sets? Using the sets A, B, C, and N, determine whether each statement is true or false. Explain. See Example 1. A ϭ ͕1, 3, 5, 7, 9} B ϭ {2, 4, 6, 8} C ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, 4, 5͖ N ϭ ͕1, 2, 3, . ͖ 7. 3 ʦ A 9. 11 A 8. 3 ʦ B 10. qxd 10/31/07 6:37 PM Page 8 8 1-8 Chapter 1 The Real Numbers 11. C ϭ N 13. A B 15. 99 ʦ N 12. A ϭ N 14. C N 16. 6 ʦ C U2–3V Union and Intersection of Sets Using the sets A, B, C, and N, list the elements in each set.

The rational numbers are those decimal numbers whose digits either repeat or terminate. E X A M P L E 1 Subsets of the rational numbers Determine whether each statement is true or false. 75 ʦ Z d) Z ʕ Q Solution a) True, because 0 is a whole number. b) True, because every natural number is also a member of the set of integers. 75 is not an integer. d) True, because the rational numbers include the integers. Now do Exercises 7–16 U Calculator Close-Up V These Calculator Close-ups are designed to help reinforce the concepts of algebra, not replace them.

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