Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought by Matityahu Glazerson PDF

By Matityahu Glazerson

ISBN-10: 1568219350

ISBN-13: 9781568219356

Above the Zodiac: Astrology in Jewish Thought uncovers the profound connection among Jewish mysticism and vintage astrology via bringing up the numerous references scattered all through Jewish literature to the impact of the celebs on human future. Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson supplies a month-by-month rendering of Jewish astrology based on kabbalah, summarizing the complicated process of parts in Jewish notion that correlates to every astrological signal. The booklet additionally explains the original dating the Jewish humans need to astrology, and less than what conditions astrological consultations are authorized to participants.

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This is indicated by the month's letter, the Yod, which symbolizes wisdom, as it is written, "At the beginning of wisdom is fear of God (the appreciation of God's awesome majesty)" (Psalms, ch. 3, v. 10). This wisdom and appreciation of awe arises out of one's work of contemplation, the main spiritual service of this month. During the month of Adar, the Jewish people accepted the Torah out of love for Hashem, for the Torah's sublime holiness was revealed to them through the miracle of Purim. This renewed acceptance brought about the great joy of the festival of Purim, when we festively eat, drink, and send presents.

The fact that the letters of the name Tishrei proceed in the opposite way of the natural order of the aleph-beth (Tav, the first letter, is the last letter of the aleph-beth; Shin, the next letter in Tishrei, is the second from the end, and similarly for the Resh) points to Tishrei as being a time of judgment. This is contrasted with the month of Nissan (where the letters do proceed in their natural order), which the Torah calls the month of aviv (spring), indicating that Nissan is a time of grace.

Abraham symbolizes grace and kindness-the active principle. Isaac symbolizes power, contraction, and fear-the fixed principle. Jacob symbolizes mediation, beauty, and truth-the changing principle. Reuben, who bears a relationship to sight (reu, see; ben, a son), is therefore associated with wisdom and grace, and can be placed in either Nissan or Tammuz. Simon is related to hearing, understanding, and focus, and therefore to gevurah, and may be placed in Iyar or Av. The element of Tammuz is water.

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