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Designed to arrange orthopaedic citizens for the Orthopaedic In education examination (OITE), and the yank Board of Orthopaedic surgical procedure (ABOS) Board Certification exam, this booklet is gifted in an easy-to-read define layout for speedy evaluation and prepared entry to special proof. Dr. Lieberman and his editorial staff of Board-certified orthopaedic surgeons built this thorough textual content in a concise define layout, providing you with prepared entry to the real evidence and a short bulleted assessment of the strategies you must know.AAOS finished Orthopaedic evaluate bargains sweeping insurance of the center of orthopaedic wisdom that spans the spectrum of the orthopaedic specialties. accumulated in a single handy and finished textual content, you can find the categorical info you want to arrange in your exam. geared up through strong point, all of the 122 chapters is loaded with colour pictures, illustrations, tables, and charts to help the cloth and assist you hold the knowledge

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Static equilibrium describes the special case of three rotational DOF. of a body segment is generally expressed using a Cartesian coordinate system (x, y, and z axes). sides) mechanical equilibrium of an object that is at rest. b. Coronal (divides the body into anterior and 11. Free body diagrams—Drawings used to show c. Transverse (divides the body into upper and the location and direction of all known forces 16 Muscle Force AAOS COMPREHENSIVE ORTHOPAEDIC REVIEW posterior parts) lower parts) AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEONS Chapter 2: Biomechanics II.

The SI unit for moment is the newton-meter (N·m). 9. Torque—A rotational moment. 10. Mechanical equilibrium—A system is in me- and moments acting upon an object in a given situation. They are useful to identify and evaluate the unknown forces and moments acting on individual parts of a system in equilibrium. 12. Degrees of freedom (DOF)—The number of pa- rameters that it takes to uniquely specify the position and movement of a body. a. For a body moving in three-dimensional space, there are six DOF, three translational and three rotational.

Immunohistochemistry—Method to detect and localize a target protein in the cells or tissue using a specific antibody for the protein of interest. 3. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay)— Method to detect and quantify a specific soluble protein. C. Modulation of gene expression 1. Transfection—Method to introduce a foreign DNA into a cell or organism using vectors such as plasmid DNA, retroviruses, and adenovirouses, where a specific gene is incorporated. 1: Basic Science 2. Antisense strategies—Method to introduce an RNA or DNA complementary to an mRNA of interest.

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