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By D. H. Figueredo, Frank Argote-Freyre

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There were also evil spirits, called maboyas, who hid in the forest and came out at night to hurt people, which is why some Tainos were afraid of the dark. The Tainos believed in life after death, and thus personal objects, such as jewelry, were interred with the deceased. As part of their religious rituals they induced a hallucinogenic state by smoking tobacco. There were dances and musical activities, called areyto, that rendered tribute to the deities. Held on a field or a ceremonial plaza, the areyto used a combination of narration, poetry, singing, and dancing to tell events from the past or comment on more recent events such as a birth or a death.

A good administrator who pacified the rebellious Spanish settlers, Ovando efficiently and effectively managed the mining of gold in the new colonies, shipping to Spain the equivalent of $30 million in gold during his seven-year tenure. Though he began the construction of cities and organized food production to make Hispaniola self-sufficient, Ovando was first and foremost a conquistador, a soldier trained to use the sword, display courage in the face of danger, and show no mercy to captives. These were military traits that made the Spanish successful during the reconquest of Iberia in 1492 and were highly esteemed by the Spanish king and queen.

They waged periodic warfare on the Tainos. The Caribs were known to be fierce warriors, and the Tainos told Columbus that they were cannibals. Their reputation for cannibalism was probably exaggerated by the Spaniards, who used it as an excuse to conquer them. They likely resorted to cannibalism in some of their religious rituals, but not as a regular source of food. The Island Caribs built large canoes that carried over 100 men at a time and sailed from island to island, raiding Taino villages.

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A Brief History of the Caribbean (Brief History) by D. H. Figueredo, Frank Argote-Freyre

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