7 Paths to God: The Ways of the Mystic by Joan Borysenko PDF

By Joan Borysenko

ISBN-10: 1561703923

ISBN-13: 9781561703920

Joan Borysenko explores the ways that mysticism can input into your existence. You don't need to climb a mountain or trek via Nepal to event a paranormal second; what you do need to research is to be absolutely found in your daily life and to open up the extreme within the mundane. This publication teaches readers the right way to do that of their lives.

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Fanger, Claire, ed. 1998. Conjuring Spirits: Texts and Traditions of Medieval Ritual Magic. Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania State University Press. Fanger, Claire – Láng, Benedek. 2002. ” Societas Magica Newsletter 9: 1–4. Flint, Valerie. 1991. The Rise of Magic in Early Medieval Europe. Oxford: Clarendon Press. Gabriel, Astrik. 1969. The Medieval Universities of Pécs and Pozsony: Commemora­ tion of the 500th and 600th Anniversary of their Foundation, 1367–1467–1967. Frankfurt am Main: University of Notre Dame.

A very similar story that suggests that conviction of ability to have visions of divine persons was in itself considered to be a part of a sin of pride, is contained in the Life of Two Monks by John of Ephesus. A certain monk James, who became famous as an exorcist, used to gather demoniacs in a chapel, where they had to stay for two days, be- 50 Christian Demonology and Popular Mythology fore exorcism could take place. The number of demoniacs grew and that caused disturbance to the other monks and the rest of the community.

This sporadic list of the examples of the (real and suspected) Polish practice of magic could be continued with fragments found in the binding of medieval codices, such as a one-page fragment of an ars notoria text (BJ 2076; Zathey 1972, p. 102) listing a great number of demon and angel names, and another piece of parchment that gives formulae to protect from bad luck and to achieve prosperity (BJ 2288; Zathey 1972, pp. 103–4). There are also intact codices with various practices (palmistry, geomancy, use of Scandinavian runes for naming demons, magical orations, experiments, amulets, love magic, use of stones, alchemy and magical recipes) that deserve much more investigation9 than is possible here, therefore I will concentrate on one single magical handbook that will betray “pars pro toto” a great deal about the methods, problems, and findings of such research.

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